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Quotes & Testimonials 

Thank you for putting the "Robbi  razzle dazzle " back into my life 

“ if you lucky enough to have Robert in your life your life is made better”

Dear Robbie, We would like to thank you so much for the dream kitchen that you designed. It has gone beyond our expectations, and the finished result is a testimony to your design skills and professional eye. You have achieved and exceeded our brief. Thank you. 


"Well to be perfectly honest it's hard to know where to start but maybe just saying it was our lucky day when we met you all those years ago is as good place as any. We've worked on so many different projects together in one way or another and from our point of view your knowledge & understanding of us as a family has been of the most extraordinary value. Add to that your skill as a designer and your kindness & endless patience as a human being guiding us through endless potential pitfalls so deftly - my goodness we are so very grateful for all of this. We've returned to *** tonight from a very stormy windswept ***** & I must say it feels wonderful to be here. Thank you for the amazing plans you originally drew up for us here (do you remember that David Cole said they were the best that he had ever worked from) and thank you for the extraordinary way that you've re-balanced the rooms so cleverly to provide us with just what we want now. It was absolutely typical of you to put so much effort into helping us select the right contractor & then to work so hard with them sorting out every issue as it arose & which kept the site humming. Everywhere we look we notice & appreciate your attention to detail & will continue to do so. Dear Robert you really are a total diamond of a person & we have been & continue to be very fortunate to have you in our lives. I'm sure that it goes without saying but *** is open house to you any time you are passing - you'll always have our love and gratitude."

"Once again Thank you for all your hard work and inspiration. We are overwhelmed with how beautiful the new bathroom is and cannot thank you enough!"


"If anybody wants a REALLY good, brilliant house designer who's understanding, totally trustworthy, highly intuitive, finds just what you long for at a price (even) you can afford, very knowledgeable about architecture and design - but also gets totally on board about what YOU happen to like; is a joy to meet and spend time with; and understands all about budgets (whether crappy or very high-end), contact Robert Atherton. He's worked in the business for decades and his clients, rich or poor, are besties of his. Hugely talented and also a trusted, very kind friend with a lovely, kind, gentle sense of humour. Simply, the best. Things work out. He's understanding and fair. Be likewise!"

"I cannot recommend Robert highly enough as an interior designer/architect. He has a gift for working with small spaces and worked wonders completely redesigning the structural layout of my small London flat. More recently he has helped with the interior design of our family home and we couldn't be happier with his work. He has been a joy to work with. He has a great eye for detail, is highly professional, can work effectively to small and bigger budgets and is just a very nice person."


"Just back from a tour of the house: TOTALLY miraculous. Just wanted to say how profound the experience was. Inspirational. Xxxxxxxxx"


"Flipping Amazing!'


"Robert is the man! He really understands each person's preferences, and makes their dream home come true with such empathy and vision."

“As always Robert it’s been wonderful working with you again this year & we’re so appreciative of everything you’ve done.

You’re a total star quite frankly.”


“We are thrilled with how it all looks and ******* has enjoyed trying to spot all the changes.  It should appeal to the young and us oldies, and has the right amount of calm while being fun too. The little bedroom is transformed too and so much more inviting.


You were very long suffering when I said no to so many of your good ideas and somehow you have still manage to transform the flat with minimum cost and without any stress on my part which has been a real treat.”   


“You have an eye for detail; we love the balance between colours and textures you use, very beautiful!”


"I'm now settling in to the new look flat and I must say it's working brilliantly. My bedroom really does feel like a suite now, but I think best of all is the wonderful additional space in the second bedroom as well as the two superbly functional bathrooms."


"I just wanted to write to say how wonderful I think the flat looks! I'm so pleased about it all. Love the internal window- it's just perfect! And the paint all looks great and the new fireplaces. It's easy to live in too with only the upstairs still to do"


"Actually the changes we made in London (with your excellent advice about where the kitchen should be) has also made life much easier."


"I went to the flat this evening and it’s looking amazing! I'm really pleased with the kitchen - I think the colour works really well. Thanks for all your help Robert. I couldn't be happier with how things are going." 


"It's a very long time since I was last in contact with you though I know you have been doing some very good work throughout the years with ******. She was singing your praises just the other day regarding the wonders that you have done with their riverside flat. We haven't done much to our house over the decades as everything you did for us worked so well."


"You definitely have a signature style Robbie; it's absolutely gorgeous, very stylish, classic and chic."

Chester House Living room by Alastair Wi
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